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We are a regulated Electronic Money Institution with the capability to support FinTechs with an international client base.

We assist in...

  • Issuing, redeeming and distributing e-money

  • Storing money securely in segregated e-wallets

  • Allowing clients to transfer their users’ money between e-wallets

  • Automated transaction monitoring and due dilligence

About us

Our work

What is E-money?

A monetary value stored on a tech device, used for making payments.

Our objective

We aim to seamlessly support the payment requirements of clients with large user bases.

The payment solution

TeaPayment will serve an international market, creating a platform allowing clients to perform all operations effectively. 

Our work
  • How can I check my application status?
    Please email to get a detailed update on your application status. We aim to complete all applications within eight weeks.
  • How can I reach a representative?
    Once onboarded you will be given a dedicated account manager who will be able to assist you withday-to-day operations.
  • Are you regulated?
    Yes, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with number 901004, as an electronic money institution (EMI).

What can we help you with?

For more info please write to us at

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